How can we help you?

Physio and massage free of charge: +49 1788750080

Support +49 1726715368

Spiritual Input

Time Out

Throughout the whole tournament, there are around two physiotherapists at your disposal. The treatments (including massage in the treatment room) are generally free of charge. They invite you to use the offer also after the training or game. Feel welcomed. Those who wish to do so, may donate in aid of our sports ministry.

Our service-team of Chaplains are here to serve you. Various sports-chaplains at your service for personal talks by chat, advices, just company or counselling.  All of our chaplains are sports related.

Short devotions and support for your life in sports

We want to serve you by some thoughts, inputs and devotions, presented by several QR-Codes in your room. We have prepared a meditative “Walk2Ttalk” outside around the Beach-Arena,  that you can use at your own or in company.

Subjects for example:

  • Overgrip
  • The champion
  • The value of a tennis player
  • Serve an volley
  • Lightswitch

Further Information

Tournament Desk      +49 1788753810

Tournament Director +49 1758812844

ITF Supervisor

Covid-19-Officer    +49 1788039513

Tournament Doctor

During these challenging times, we would like to support you in many ways.  One way is to get something for you if needed.  Please contact the Tournament Desk till 5 p.m. each day and inform them of the item/items you need and leave the approximate amount for your purchase.

Contact via the tournament office

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